Hello – welcome to Edward and the White Bear, the home of quilter and textile artist Sarah Eliza.

About Sarah Eliza

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I have enjoyed all manner of crafts for as long as I can remember, having been taught to sew by my mother and grandmother.

I first discovered patchwork and quilting in 1990 and for the first few years I worked almost exclusively by hand.  My first two bed quilts were made using the traditional English patchwork technique of piecing over papers.  Many people recognise the hexagon quilts made in this way, but I enjoyed producing a wide range of traditional blocks.  The quilts were then hand-quilted and finished.

Throughout my university years I practised using a sewing machine more and more – a lot of time was spent manufacturing a variety of weird and wonderful items for the university theatre company.  This, along with some strong encouragement from quilting family and friends, meant that I started to produce quilts by machine.  The first few of these were somewhat stressful but over time I grew in confidence and got as much pleasure from this as from hand-stitching.

These days I love working both by hand and machine.  I enjoy working with traditional patchwork designs, updated with vibrant colours and quirky fabrics.  I like to produce quilts which are to be used, not just admired.  I am interested in the social history of quilt making and love to read the stories of women who produced beautiful but functional art.

Here you can find my blog, examples of my work, details of workshops and lots of photographs of work produced by workshop attendees.  If you have any queries please get in touch.